Monday, August 26, 2013

How often should you change the oil in a deep fryer?

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Tony P

I'm thinking about getting a small deep fryer for home. Do you have to drain the oil after you cook, every time? If not, how often should you change it, if you only use it once a week?

It depends on how you store the oil. If you filter everything out and store it in a dark place without exposure to oxygen, it will last forever.

That is an ideal that you probably cannot meet, so you should ask how close to that ideal are you?

There are two problems with old oil. One is that it absorbs flavors from food and puts them in the next food. If you always cook the same thing, then this is not a problem. The other is that saturated fats will oxidize and become rancid. Even if you are using unsaturated oil, it will dissolve saturated oils from the food that you cook. You can tell if it is rancid by smelling it.

If you cannot detect any off flavors when you cook, then your oil is still good.

Also, I would recommend switching to corn oil if you are using peanut oil. It has a higher smoke point. Peanut oil is very bad for your heart.

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