Sunday, May 26, 2013

Help!! I have to cut potatoes ahead of time, and was wondering what to put them in?????

turkey deep fryer
 on fryer, a cookbook and a turkey. Now ya can't beat that with a stick!
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Do I put them in hot or cold water??? I am going to cook them in a turkey deep fryer tonight and have to make a lot of them. I know that I will have to dry them off before cooking but I also heard that if you cut up appl;e ahead of time you add a little sprite to a spritzer and spritz them to keep them from turning brown. Thanks for your help.

Put them in cold water and refrigerate. If you add some sugar to the water, that will help them brown when you fry them.

Just make sure you don't store them in aluminum, or cover them with aluminum foil--it will turn the potatoes a purply black--not harmful but very unappetizing.

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