Friday, April 19, 2013

Why won't the tempura batter stick to the ice cream when I fry it?

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 on ... appetizer. Soft Tofu, tempura mix, egg white, green onions, and oil
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I searched online for some tempura fried ice cream recipes and found a few. I have tried 2 different recipes and tried pancake mix too. But none of the batters will stay on the ice cream when I put them in the oil. What am I doing wrong? The pancake mix seemed to work the best, but it seemed to be a little too thick. The other batters just melted off the ice cream and rose to the top.

Take the ice cream and scoop it into balls. Place on a cookie sheet and put them in the freezer until hard.

Dip each ice cream ball into the batter so you get a good coating. Put them back on the cookie sheet and put it back into the freezer until the batter is hard.

Drop the frozen battered balls into a hot fryer one or two at a time, or they'll stick together. It should only take a few minutes to cook the batter - any longer and the batter will become soggy and fall off.

Immediately remove the balls to a cooling rack with some newspaper or paper towels underneath to catch the extra oil. Serve immediately.

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